Thursday, 16 August 2012


Level of Children : All

All the children sit in a circle. Teacher begin by describing a situation. The child next the teacher must then carry on the story, beginning with the word 'fortunately'. The next child continues the story with 'unfortunately'. Each child must listen to what the previous child has said in order to make the relevant contrast.


Teacher:  This story is about a boy and his mother and father. The boy's name is Tom. Tom is not happy. He wants a pet.

Child A: Fortunately, his mother gives him a pet.

Child B: Unfortunately, the pet is a crocodile.

Child C: Fortunately, it is a nice crocodile.

Child D: Unfortunately, its eats children.

*This is a good opportunity to practice intonation:

  • Fortunately = rise to show positive aspect
  • Unfortunately = fall to show negative aspect

*If the rise and fall are exaggerated it can become very funny.


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